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(Clupea harengus)


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One of the most abundant species in the world, the Atlantic herring can be found congregating in large schools on both sides of the Atlantic. It is not unusual for a single school of herring to include several million, or even over a billion individuals! They are an important, nutrient rich food source for many organisms, including whales, seals, cod, and humans. The Atlantic herring fishery is managed by several organizations that work together to develop rules and regulations pertaining to herring harvest.


Data & Facts

Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Actinopterygii
Order - Clupeiformes
Family - Clupeidae
Genus - Clupea
Species - C. harengus
Kingdom -

Did you know?
Interesting Animal Facts

The Oldest Fish in the Sea?

The Greenland Sleeper Shark, the only living species of sub-Arctic shark, is an apex predator only slightly smaller than the great white shark, with an estimated lifespan of 200 years - one of the longest-living vertebrates on the planet. While the Greenland Shark is a slow swimmer, it will eat just about anything: eels, flounders, other sharks, seals - and those are just animals who live in the water! Polar bear remains and even an entire reindeer body have been found inside these sharks! Fortunately, while there are Inuit legends of Greenland sharks attacking kayaks, there have been no reports of human predation. There have been, however many cases of people eating Greenland sharks! Their meat is highly toxic - it will produce effects in your body similar to being extremely drunk, but a fermented version that has been hung out to dry for several weeks is considered a delicacy in Iceland.

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