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English Cocker Spaniel



The English Cocker Spaniel possesses an almost superfluous amount of verve and vitality, practically vibrating with enthusiasm, especially when hard at work in the field. They are a compact powerhouse, able to tirelessly penetrate the densest brush in search of their quarry. Complementing their admirable work ethic is their endearing personality and trainability. English Cockers are one of the oldest types of land spaniel, descended from original Spanish stock developed for hunting in dense cover and flushing and retrieving game. In order to keep them distinct from the emerging American-type Cocker Spaniel and promote interest in the breed, The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America was formed in 1935; they were recognized as a separate breed in 1946. This breed is merry and affectionate as a family pet. They show as much zeal for pleasing their masters in the living room as in the field and their tails almost never stop wagging. They are adaptable to a variety of living situations as long as they receive a strong daily dose of attention and exercise. Their medium-long, wavy coats do require regular grooming and clipping.

Each AKC approved purebred breed has its own national club. The mission of these “parent breed clubs” is to improve and preserve a particular breed by advancing knowledge about its history, its health and care requirements and by assuring that the breed’s form and function remain true to its historical physical type and character: A Dalmatian, for instance, should be athletic and have a natural affinity for working with horses. A Fox Terrier should have the right body size and shape, and a drive to go after vermin.

Pet owners, breeders, trainers, veterinarians, and others with a special love for a breed, join the parent breed club to meet like-minded enthusiasts and to support the club’s mission.

The national parent breed club is the first place for the public to go to learn about a breed or find a knowledgeable, experienced breeder.


Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Mammalia
Order - Carnivora
Family - Canidae
Genus - Canis
Species - Canis Lupus
Subspecies - Canis Lupus Familiaris
Breed - English Cocker Spaniel


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