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Rainbow Lorikeets are medium-sized (15” long), visually striking parrots that truly live up to their colorful name! They are also affectionate, sweet birds who readily bond with their owners, especially if regularly handled from an early age. In the wild, they live primarily on nectar and pollen, and do best on a nectar mix supplemented with fruits, vegetables, and edible flower. These active birds need a large cage to climb and fly in, as well as supervised play time outside of their cage each day.


Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Aves
Order - Psittaciformes
Family - Psittaculidae
Genus - Chalcopsitta, Eos, Pseudeos, Trichoglossus, Psitteuteles, Lorius, Phigys, Vini, Glossopsitta, Charmosyna and Neopsittacus


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