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Mouse (Fancy)



While our relationship with mice has not always been a friendly one, they are undeniably cute, and have long been kept as pets. In fact, the first reference to non-wild mice comes from China in 1,100 BC! Today, domesticated mice are growing in popularity as pets; sometimes they are even shown like dogs or cats. Every mouse has his or her own personality, but in general they are inquisitive and gentle pets, and quite social -- you should keep them in groups of two or three, typically all females (male mice are known for fighting and may need to be kept separate; new pet owners are often discouraged from keeping them for his reason). A mouse's housing should be 1 cubic foot per mouse at a bare minimum, with a solid floor and well ventilated. A wide variety of bedding can be used -- Carefresh, shredded paper, hay, even hemp have been successfully used. They should also have toys, places to hide, and an exercise wheel. Mice can thrive on prepared food (lab blocks) supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables, and some small bits of protein (eggs, insects, crickets, etc.).


Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Mammalia
Order - Rodentia
Family - Muridae
Genus - Mus


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