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The Pionus, is a parrot, rough 10-12 inches in legnth, known for its quiet, easy-going personality compared to many other birds that are kept as pets. While they are not noisy as a general rule, there are many good talkers among the Pionus ranks! They are affectionate and form a close bond with their people, but are often not attention hogs, so it is important to make sure your Pionus is getting the attention it needs! They can live to be 30 or more years old, and will do well on a pelleted diet supplemented with fresh vegetables and fruit.


Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Aves
Order - Psittaciformes
Family - Psittacidae
Genus - Pionus
Species - Blue-headed, red billed, scaly headed, white crowned, speckled faced, bronze-winged, and dusky parrots


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