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Wirehaired Vizsla  


The handsome and hardy Wirehaired Vizsla was developed by Hungarian falconers in the first half of the 20th century. Though similar in many ways to the smooth-coated Vizsla, the Wirehaired Vizsla is a distinct breed. It has a sturdier build and its 1-2 inch dense wiry coat lends a distinct look and offers extra protection from the elements. The Wirehaired Vizsla’s ability to hunt, track, point, and retrieve result in an indispensable all-purpose hunting companion.  The gentle and friendly nature of this breed make it a wonderful family companion as well but it does need a lot of exercise. The breed’s natural intelligence makes it amenable to other canine centered sports such as agility. Its coat requires minimal maintenance.

Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America  


Data & Facts

Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Mammalia
Order - Carnivora
Family - Canidae
Genus - Canis
Species - Canis Lupus
Subspecies - Canis Lupus Familiaris
Breed - Wirehaired Vizsla



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