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From Amphibians to Reptiles and Aardvark to Zorilla, check out the Animals Section. You’ll find images of beautiful and fascinating animals, scientific taxonomies and interesting facts. Then drop by the Spotlight Section to see species that have changed the course of human history and the animal enterprises that people and animals rely on for sustenance, conservation and ever-improving health.
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Articles about Animals by the Experts

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Everyone loves animals. For some, that passion grows into a lifetime commitment to improve the lives of animals: These dedicated people spend their lives learning about animals; working to improve human and animal health and welfare; protecting wildlife habitats; enhancing husbandry and companionship; and finally, sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. We feel privileged to present articles on Discover Animals by such people, the specialists who work with animals every day, scientists, trainers, veterinarians, wildlife biologists, caregivers, and others who have real knowledge to share.

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Benefits of studying, caring for and living with animals

Knowledge is power, and we appreciate that what we learn about animals has the power to benefit humans, animals, and even the entire planet. From understanding animal behaviors, to dramatic medical breakthroughs, to preserving species and habitats, to educating the public on the best (and sometimes worst) practices in managing animals and the environment, we have the best and most up-do-date information. Let us open doors and inspire you – who knows, maybe you will be the one to bring us the next discovery, cure, or fascinating new species!

Pet Guides For Animal Lovers

Find the right pet for you & learn how to raise it

Visit the Pet Guides to locate your forever pet. This is the place to go to: Learn how to housebreak and socialize your new puppy. Choose the right cat for your household. Learn how to create the perfect habitat for your snake or lizard, and what it takes to set up a beautiful aquarium that will keep your fish and other aquatics healthy. Learn which small animals make fun and safe pets and what it takes to keep birds healthy and happy.




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