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Learning about animals can open countless doors: practical skills, scientific and historical knowledge, an understanding of the life cycle, empathy, responsibility, or simply the joy of being around animals and greater curiosity about the world around us! Of course learning is, and should be a lifelong pursuit, but when it comes to animals, starting early is a great move – especially when you consider the limited opportunities today’s young people have for hands-on experience with farms or wild animals!

Our Kids’ section provides fascinating animal facts, from the basics to amazing adaptations that have to be seen to be believed. It also contains practical guides for real-world interactions with animals: our Jr. Naturalist section that can be useful in both urban environments and the wilderness, and an indispensable pet guide for aspiring animal owners. We have games, jokes, and animal cams from around the world, and, of course a book section – both fiction and non – to encourage further learning about animals!

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