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As NAIA celebrates its 25th year, we give thanks to the many wonderful people who’ve shared our mission and worked side by side with us every step of the way. What we have achieved is a testament to the collaboration and teamwork of those who love, live and work with animals. Your support proves that everything is possible when we all work together!

Help us continue this progress by sharing your knowledge on our PARTICIPATE! forum. Here you will find a platform to post and read articles, as well as engage in open discussions relating to all things animal. Voice your expertise, concerns, stories, successes, research findings and inside information to others in the animal community. We welcome and encourage experts of all backgrounds – trainers, veterinarians, breeders, animal scientists, wildlife conservationists, rescuers, pet owners and others – to share their knowledge and passion for animals. Our goal is to provide an informative and respectful environment for sharing, ultimately generating ideas that will promote a healthy future for animals and preserve the human-animal bond. Now all you have to do is PARTICIPATE.

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Featured Articles

Medical breakthroughs: Is research with animals still necessary?
By Cindy Buckmaster

There is a lot of discussion about “animal testing” currently, and whether or not it is truly still required to meet our...

The Craig’s List Puppy
By Kerrin Winter Churchill

It was mid-February, 2009. I’d just come home from covering Westminster. It was cold and I was exhausted. Happy to be re-united...

What is Socialization?
By Suzanne Clothier

Socialization is how your pup learns about the world. While you will do many important things as you raise this puppy, socialization...

How Scientific Research Works in the Context of Breed Club Projects
By Kelly Flannigan

All biomedical research follows the scientific method, where a question is first asked, background research leads to a hypothesis...


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