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The birds we keep as pets aren’t just beautiful to look at and listen to, they are intelligent animals with emotional needs who can bond with you for life! Keeping a bird is a big responsibility: along with the basics of feeding them nutritious food and properly housing them in a clean and safe environment, staying engaged with your bird and keeping them intellectually stimulated is a must! Fortunately for many bird owners, the companionship and daily interactions are the best part of having a bird. Unlike dogs and cats, many species of birds have long – sometimes very long – life spans, which should be taken into account when selecting a bird. And while a bird probably won’t break your bank, be aware that some species are far more costly to care for than others (just the difference in food and toy replacement between two species can be dramatic), and make your choice accordingly!

Featured Birds

African Grey Parrot
The African Grey Parrot is a highly intelligent, sensitive bird that can live up to 60 years as a pet – a very long-term…
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African Senegal
African Senegals may not be the flashiest bird around, but they are loving by nature -- and will want you to return that…
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Amazons are medium to large birds with huge personalities. They love to play, are likely to pick up many words, and can be…
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Budgerigars are parakeets, referred to informally as “budgies.” They are small, have appealing colors and markings, are…
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Caiques are outgoing, small to medium-sized parrots (about 9”), and considered the “clowns” of the bird world.
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While eclipsed in popularity by the parrot, canaries have been kept as companions for hundreds of years and been bred into…
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Cockatiels social and cuddly, visually striking, and known for an appealing (but not overly loud or screeching) whistle –…
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Cockatoos are sometimes referred to as “velcro birds,” because they are so social and love being around – and on –…
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Conures are bold and social parrots who want to be where the people (the action!) is in your home. They are curious and fun-loving,…
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Most doves are not pets or are only suitable for the experienced aviculturist, but the diamond dove and ring-necked dove…
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Eclectus Parrot
There are several species of Eclectus Parrot, the most common being the Solomon Island Eclectus.
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Many species of finch are kept as pets. They are generally undemanding and pleasant birds who do well housed in a large enclosure…
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Jardine’s Parrot
Jardine’s Parrots are playful tricksters, excellent mimics who enjoy interacting with their owners. They have a zest for…
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Rainbow Lorikeets are medium-sized (15” long), visually striking parrots that truly live up to their colorful name! They…
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As pets, Lovebirds are often marketed as having the "personality of a parrot, but in a smaller, easier to care for package."
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Macaws are intelligent, playful, and expressive (i.e. they can make a lot of noise!) birds, who are ill-suited to apartment…
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Mynah birds have been kept as pets since ancient times and are arguably the best talkers of all bird-kind!
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Parrotlets, as their name suggests, are tiny members of the parrot family. They are often as bold, active, and intelligent…
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The Pionus, in general, is known to be a quiet, easy-going, personality compared to many other birds that are kept as pets.
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Rosellas are small, strikingly colored birds that are native to Australia. They are not big talkers, but are able to mimic…
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The iconically-billed toucan is an unusual pet bird, but becoming more common thanks to breeders. They are playful and curious,…
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Birds Finders Guide

Aviculture is defined as the keeping and breeding of birds. Dr. Jean Delacour, the most dedicated, influential, and highly respected individual in the modern history of aviculture defined it precisely: "Aviculture - The worldwide hobby of keeping and breeding numerous species of wild birds in captivity to maintain their numerical status in nature with a view of forestalling their extinction by supplying aviary raised stock."

As with the keeping and breeding of many animals, birds have been kept by humans since the early days of man. While chickens and waterfowl were primarily kept for food and eggs, other types of birds were kept for other purposes, from hawks for hunting to singing birds for household pets. Other birds were used for communication, such as the homing pigeon. Learn More >>

Interesting Facts

Making a serious commitment for the lifetime of your pet is always important, but there are several species of birds – parrots, in particular – that are capable of living longer than their owners! This makes a contingency care plan for your pet birds essential.


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