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Dogs and cats often spring to mind first when we talk about pets, but did you know that freshwater fish, at over 142 million, are by far the most numerous pet owned? In fact, we have domesticated fish for more than 4000 years! Keeping fish and other aquatic animals as pets requires a specific skillset and ability to follow routine – you are literally providing your pets with their own ecosystem! – but a well-kept aquarium is not only beautiful to look at, it provides well-documented mental and physical health benefits!

Featured Aquatics

African Dwarf Frog
African dwarf frogs are peaceful, relatively low-maintenance, and active aquarium dwellers. Because of these traits (as well…
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With its flowing fins and beautiful patterns, it is no surpise that angelfish are incredibly popular in aquariums.
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Angelfish (freshwater)
Freshwater angelfish are easily recognized by their flowing fins and have a wide variety of color patterns.
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Comet Goldfish
The comet goldfish is a hardy and extremely popular aquarium and pond fish, distinguishable from the common goldfish by its…
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Common Pleco
The common pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus or suckermouth catfish) is an aquarium favorite, beloved for eating algae off of…
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Corydoras Catfish
Corydoras Catfish (Corys, Cory Cats) are hardy, peaceful bottom dwellers. They are small -- no more than 5 inches, usually…
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Fancy Guppy
One of the most popular aquarium fish, fancy guppies are guppies that have been selectively bred to show vivid colors and…
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A GloFish is one of a few species of genetically modified fish that are fluorescent -- zebra danios, tetras, and now the…
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Mollies are small, nonaggressive, community fish with a reputation of being easy to care for.
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Neon Tetra
Neon Tetras are small, brightly colored freshwater fish, that are very popular overall -- especially with beginning aquarists.
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Siamese Fighting Fish
Siamese fighting fish, also called Bettas, are known for their colorful, flowing fins and territorial nature. Males should…
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Southern Platyfish
The southern platyfish (common platy or simply platy), is a live-bearig fish that grows to about 6.5 cm in length, with females…
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Aquarist's Guide

Aquariums house beautiful animals and plants, are entertaining and proven stress relievers, and can be educational, as well! Of course, as is the case with caring for any living being, they require regular attention – but with a properly designed setup your investment can go a long way.  Learn More >>

Interesting Facts

An aquarium is not back-breaking work, but keeping your aquatic pets healthy requires regular care. It is essential to feed proper amounts, replenish water, monitor and control the environment (ammonia, chlorine, pH levels, etc.), keep algae under control, vacuum substrate, change out water regularly, and more! This may sound like a long list of work, but in reality, most of the tasks only take a minute or two. However, it is vital that they are not neglected. An aquarium is literally your pet's world, and they will have much longer -- and better! -- lives if it is treated as such!


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