Dogs’ Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them
Published: 06/18/2019

It’s hard for most people to resist a petulant flash of puppy-dog eyes—and according to a new study, that pull on the heartstrings might be exactly why dogs can give us those looks at all.


The healing power of fish skin for a dog named Stella​
Published: 05/28/2019

Veterinarians used a creative approach to treat the burns of Stella, a 1-year-old Rottweiler puppy, who escaped a house fire. Smoke inhalation prohibited Stella from being sedated for skin grafts, so the team used cod…

Wombat poop: Scientists reveal mystery behind cube-shaped droppings
Published: 12/21/2018

Despite having round anuses like other mammals, wombats do not produce round pellets, tubular coils or messy piles.

Researchers revealed on Sunday the varied elasticity of the intestines help to sculpt the poop…

Zoo won’t panda to taste, says fruit’s too sweet for its monkey menu
Published: 10/2/2018

Selective breeding has made the fruit we eat so full of sugar, Melbourne Zoo has had to wean its animals off it.

Fruit is vital in human diets, and we all need to eat more. But at the zoo, keepers found fruit-heavy…

Praying Mantis Seen Hunting Fish for the First Time
Published: 09/24/2018

One night in March of last year, a praying mantis crept onto a rooftop garden in India and perched on an artificial pond, waiting intently. When an unsuspecting guppy swam by, the insect snatched it up and gobbled it down—marking…

Tiny Treadmills Help Test Sea Turtle Hatchling Stamina
Published: 01/3/2018

Scientists believe that sea turtle hatchlings have an innate instinct that guides them toward the brightest low horizon and away from tall dark silhouettes, which orients them toward the ocean’s surf. However, excess…

Animals in medicine cared for like the heroes they are
Published: 12/19/2017

Telling the public about those of us who work in animal research may not change opinions, but I want to break the silence.

I want real information to be available so, no matter what opinions are formed, they are…

Pretty birds studied by UWM researchers may help unlock genetics of fending off diseases
Published: 12/5/2017

The better looking a male tree swallow is, the more effective his immune genes are, and the more likely his offspring will be equipped to resist parasites and disease-causing pathogens, researchers have discovered.

Why this deer disease could change the way Americans hunt forever
Published: 11/27/2017

There's increasing concern [chronic wasting disease], a prion disease similar to mad cow, eventually could cross the species barrier and spread to humans. Many scientists think it's not a matter of if, but a matter…

Surprise: Blue Whales Are Mostly ‘Left-Handed’
Published: 11/20/2017

a new study adds a surprising new detail to the marine mammals' underwater ballet: They don’t spin and turn at random. Instead, the 80-foot-long giants show a preference for either their right or left side—the…

Earliest evidence for dog breeding found on remote Siberian island
Published: 09/18/2017

Now it appears these ancient Arctic dwellers did something even more remarkable: They may have been among the first humans to breed dogs for a particular purpose. An analysis of canine bones from Zhokhov suggests…

First warm-blooded lizards switch on mystery heat source at will
Published: 08/15/2017

The first known warm-blooded lizard, the tegu, can heat itself to as much as 10 °C above its surroundings – making it unique among reptiles.

But bizarrely, it only switches on its heating system at…

Pollution Is Turning Sea Snakes Black—for a Surprising Reason
Published: 08/14/2017

The turtle-headed sea snake usually sports beautiful bands of alternating black and white. But for decades, researchers have been puzzled by populations living near Pacific Ocean cities that seem to have lost their stripes.

Brothers Unexpectedly Discover Fossil of Japan’s Oldest Water Bird
Published: 08/11/2017

When two brothers were walking near a reservoir in a small town in northern Japan, one noticed something peculiar in the ground. The brothers collected a few of the intriguing pieces and took them to paleontologists at…

Five Awesome Facts For Bat Appreciation Day
Published: 04/17/2017

With over 1000 living species, bats are actually one of the largest groups of mammals (besides rodents) and make up 20% of known mammal species. They range in size from the less-than-one-ounce bumblebee bat to the 2.6-pound…

Sperm whale’s skin comes off during mass ‘scratchathon’
Published: 02/22/2017

IT LOOKS like a plastic bag floating in the ocean, but it’s something much stranger: a transparent chunk of skin from a sperm whale. It got rubbed off during a mass “scratchathon”...


Frozen semen, guinea pig tumors and spare organs help zoo save and preserve lives
Published: 12/7/2016

The St. Louis Zoo’s frozen zoo is like a bank, an important depository of tools that researchers can use to help animals now and in the future. It’s housed in the Endangered Species Research Center and Veterinary…

Office pets lighten mood at Delaware County treasurer’s office
Published: 12/7/2016

[Delaware County Treasurer Jon] Peterson learned about axolotl, also known as Mexican salamander, from Brittany Hollingsworth, a deputy treasurer in the office. Her 4-year-old son's specimen is named Maxine. It's…

Bird Wearing Tiny Aviator Goggles Flies Through Lasers for Science
Published: 12/6/2016

Obi the parrotlet readies for takeoff. Wearing his mini protective goggles, he waits patiently for a signal: a decisive finger point to a target perch. The finger moves in a flash and so does Obi, right to the directed…

African elephants are being born without tusks due to poaching, researchers say
Published: 11/28/2016

An increasing number of African elephants are now born tuskless because poachers have consistently targetted animals with the best ivory over decades, fundamentally altering the gene pool.

In some areas 98 per cent…

Goffin’s cockatoos make same tool from different materials – video report
Published: 11/21/2016

Researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and the University of Oxford have shown that Goffin’s cockatoos can make and use tools out of different materials, and may even be able to anticipate…

World’s hardiest animal has evolved radiation shield for its DNA
Published: 09/20/2016

[Tardigrades] can survive in the vacuum of outer space, withstand temperatures ranging from close to absolute zero to nearly 100°C, cope with pressures six times greater than those at the bottom of the deepest…

Published: 09/16/2016

Dolphins aren’t communicating in sentences. They’re talking over each other all the time. They’re certainly not being chivalrous about letting female dolphins repeat themselves in conversation. Dolphins…

Czech mates: Why so many of the best police dogs hail from overseas
Published: 09/13/2016

In the city, where crime is never far away, four-footed cops are coming to the rescue. But be warned: Their English is pretty shaky.Officer Jon Low stands in the middle of Lakeside Park in downtown Oakland, California,…

Restored Wetlands Provide Critical Habitat for Migratory Birds, Many Other Species
Published: 09/13/2016

Landowners across the country are voluntarily restoring and protecting wetlands on private lands. This not only provides high-value wildlife habitat but provides many other benefits, such as cleaner water (wetlands act…

White killer whales were a legend – now they are everywhere
Published: 09/13/2016

...over the past few years the researchers have encountered no fewer than five – and perhaps as many as eight – white orcas in the western North Pacific. They are virtually unheard of elsewhere in…

Dog’s adoption leaves owner at a loss
Published: 09/13/2016

Not even two months after getting settled in with a pair of chihuahua-mix dogs named Bob and Bird, Central Point resident Terry Sharpe is facing the loss of one of the dogs over what he feels was a lack of communication…

Dolphins recorded having a conversation ‘just like two people’ for first time
Published: 09/13/2016

Researchers have known for decades that the mammals had an advanced form of communication, using distinctive clicks and whistles to show they are excited, happy, stressed or separated  from the group.

But scientists…

Group of people honk horn at horse causing girl to be thrown off
Published: 09/13/2016

It was a ride she'll always remember for all the wrong reasons.

That's because a group of people honked their horn, laughed, and then screeched off, spooking the horse and causing Peake to fall off.

Early Neutering Poses Health Risks
Published: 07/28/2016

A new study in the journal Veterinary Medicine and Science finds that neutering or spaying these dogs before 1 year of age triples the risk of one or more joint disorders--particularly for cranial cruciate ligament,…

Swarm of Bees Follows Car
Published: 07/28/2016

For two days, bees chased a car to rescue their queen--that may have just been stuck in the trunk

"The swarm of around 20,000 had followed her and were sat around on the boot of the car," said beekeeper Roger Burns

Santa Monica Pony Rides Owner
Published: 07/28/2016

The hardest part of the ordeal, she said, was being vilified for doing work that she loves.

"Marcy (Winograd) didn't just stand on the corner and say, 'I don't like pony rides,'" Angel said. "She…

Girl and Her Animals Are Becoming Famous
Published: 07/28/2016

A girl in video became famous over the night after she posted a video from their family farm showing their insane skills. The tricks you will see are more  likely to be seen performed by dogs.


Pit Bull With Violent History
Published: 07/28/2016

"... is this just a symptom of a greater quandary?  There is no state or federal law governing "rescuers." There is no prior experience or training mandated, nor are there maintenance, health and…

HSUS Announces National Ag Advisory Council
Published: 07/28/2016

We Support Agriculture Coalition Responds

“HSUS is not interested in enhancing animal welfare. It’s a Washington D.C.-based interest group led by a vegan animal rights activist,”…

Reptile Owner Sues City
Published: 07/28/2016

2010 Raid, Exotic Animal Seizures

Six years after Milwaukee police broke into Terry Cullen's properties, killed his dogs and seized hundreds of lizards, snakes and crocodiles, the internationally…

Don’t Clean Up Dog Poop?
Published: 07/28/2016

Chicago Considers $500 Ticket

"I don't think this is something that will be used very often, but when we have that problem house, where the backyard is full of dog feces, and neighbors are calling…

Break A Window To Free A Dog In A Hot Car?
Published: 07/28/2016

Not In Indiana

See a dog trapped in a car on a hot summer's day? If you break the window--at least in Indiana--you're the one police will be talking to. Unlike in 19 states, it's not…

RSPCA Head Admits Charity Too Political
Published: 07/28/2016

Vows to Bring Fewer Prosecution in Future

In his first interview since taking over as chief executive, Jeremy Cooper admitted the RSPCA had become "too adversarial" and dragged too many people through…

Zika Virus
Published: 07/28/2016

Named after the Ugandan forest where it was first isolated in 1947, the Zika virus is spread primarily through the bite of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito, who must feed on blood in order to mature and lay her eggs.

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