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Kerrin Winter Churchill

Author and photographer
Kerrin Winter-Churchill is an award winning, American author and photographer specializing in dogs and horses. An AKC Breeder of Merit, Winter-Churchill raises champion English Cocker Spaniels and keeps horses under her family crest of Smithwood. She is a staff photographer for the Westtminster Kennel Club. When she’s not writing or taking pictures Winter-Churchill enjoys painting, reading, training dogs, trail riding, hiking, camping, riding on her husband’s Harley, and spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors. She holds a BA in Journalism and is a member of the American Society of Magazine Professional Illustrators, the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, The USEF, The American Chestnut Society, and serves on the board of the American Slovak Sokal Camp in north eastern Ohio. You can find more information about Kerrin at www.dogphoto.com.

All Articles by Kerrin Winter Churchill

A Ninety-Year-Old Dream
Published: 02/12/2017
The red-hot flame of passion burns intensely through the veins of all dog lovers at the Westminster level. It starts as an ember years before stepping onto the famous green…

Lucky, Luckier, Luckiest
Published: 12/29/2016
My niece is a total animal freak – “Whew” was the collective expression uttered by my sister and me when the kid took her first steps towards becoming a…

The Craig’s List Puppy
Published: 07/27/2016
By Kerrin Winter Chuchill It was mid-February, 2009. I’d just come home from covering Westminster. It was cold and I was exhausted. Happy to be re-united, my dogs and…

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