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Suzanne Clothier

Trainer, Author and Breeder
Suzanne Clothier is a trainer, author and breeder. In addition to teaching seminars through the US and internationally on a variety of topics from The Enriched Puppy to temperament assessment, she serves as a consultant to service dog organizations. Her Relationship Centered Training approach offers humane, effective and fun training that supports healthy dog/human relationships. The author of the highly acclaimed, "Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships with Dogs," Clothier is always at work on new materials and innovative programs. She lives on a farm in upstate NY with husband John Rice and many animals. http://suzanneclothier.com

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What is Socialization?
Published: 07/27/2016
By Suzanne Clothier Socialization is how your pup learns about the world. While you will do many important things as you raise this puppy, socialization is a critical skill.…

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