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The healing power of fish skin for a dog named Stella​
Published: 05/28/2019

Veterinarians used a creative approach to treat the burns of Stella, a 1-year-old Rottweiler puppy, who escaped a house fire. Smoke inhalation prohibited Stella from being sedated for skin grafts, so the team used cod…

Surprise: Blue Whales Are Mostly ‘Left-Handed’
Published: 11/20/2017

a new study adds a surprising new detail to the marine mammals' underwater ballet: They don’t spin and turn at random. Instead, the 80-foot-long giants show a preference for either their right or left side—the…

Brothers Unexpectedly Discover Fossil of Japan’s Oldest Water Bird
Published: 08/11/2017

When two brothers were walking near a reservoir in a small town in northern Japan, one noticed something peculiar in the ground. The brothers collected a few of the intriguing pieces and took them to paleontologists at…

White killer whales were a legend – now they are everywhere
Published: 09/13/2016

...over the past few years the researchers have encountered no fewer than five – and perhaps as many as eight – white orcas in the western North Pacific. They are virtually unheard of elsewhere in…

Dolphins recorded having a conversation ‘just like two people’ for first time
Published: 09/13/2016

Researchers have known for decades that the mammals had an advanced form of communication, using distinctive clicks and whistles to show they are excited, happy, stressed or separated  from the group.

But scientists…

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