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Dogs’ Eyes Have Changed Since Humans Befriended Them
Published: 06/18/2019

It’s hard for most people to resist a petulant flash of puppy-dog eyes—and according to a new study, that pull on the heartstrings might be exactly why dogs can give us those looks at all.


The healing power of fish skin for a dog named Stella​
Published: 05/28/2019

Veterinarians used a creative approach to treat the burns of Stella, a 1-year-old Rottweiler puppy, who escaped a house fire. Smoke inhalation prohibited Stella from being sedated for skin grafts, so the team used cod…

Czech mates: Why so many of the best police dogs hail from overseas
Published: 09/13/2016

In the city, where crime is never far away, four-footed cops are coming to the rescue. But be warned: Their English is pretty shaky.Officer Jon Low stands in the middle of Lakeside Park in downtown Oakland, California,…

Dog’s adoption leaves owner at a loss
Published: 09/13/2016

Not even two months after getting settled in with a pair of chihuahua-mix dogs named Bob and Bird, Central Point resident Terry Sharpe is facing the loss of one of the dogs over what he feels was a lack of communication…

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