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How could anyone not be amazed at the mind-blowing variety of incredible adaptations found in the animal world! Spiders that live underwater? Lizards that can glide from tree to tree!? Lungless salamanders that breathe through their skin?! The list goes on…on and on! Adaptations aren't just for show -- they allow animals to live in a vast variety environments, capture prey, avoid predators. In other words, they are are part of what allows various species to survive!

Adaptations, even the most amazing ones, aren't always always obvious to the naked eye, however, and are often so specialized that even a tiny change in temperature, water conditions, etc. can mean big problems for organisms that have evolved to survive within an exact range of conditions. This a big reason why scientists are working hard to understand how humans are impacting the environment – and trying to develop practical strategies that allow a high quality of life for both humans and wildlife!

Below are a few examples:



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