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Getting out into your neighborhood - be it your backyard, a local park, or an undeveloped habitat such as a forest near your home – can be a highly entertaining and informative experience. And you don't need to live out in the wilderness to experience nature! Even urban environments can provide opportunities to observe wildlife and their behaviors. For example, squirrels and pigeons can take on a whole level of significance when one takes the time to observe their daily habits and interactions with each other.

Much of science involves learning to recognize patterns and every species exhibits their own unique life rhythms and cycles. Paying attention to local wildlife and other nature helps a person realize that the beauty and wonder of nature is all around, not just in far off places seen on TV, books, or the internet. This section is meant to inspire you to start exploring the natural world that is accessible to you and as well as provide some practical guidance to get started, as well as grow your naturalist skills.

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