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Feathers? Fur? Scales? Whatever type of pet holds your heart, we are here to guide you through the process. From research and planning, to early life and geriatric care, to maintaining health and treating illnesses, we can help you find and care for a pet that is matched to your unique lifestyle and preferences.


“Man’s best friend” indeed – dogs have lived with humans and have been domesticated longer than any other animal. They can be smaller than a 6 lb Chihuahua or larger than a 155 lb Mastiff; with fur or hair or they may even be hairless. They can be avid runners or couch potatoes, but there is one constant: if you are serious and responsible in selecting and caring for your dog and treat them with love, you will have a loyal companion for life!


Revered in Ancient Egypt, the cat has been domesticated for as many as 10,000 years, and is the second most popular pet in the United States today. They come in many shapes and sizes –  lithe and graceful or stocky and powerful, and have such unique personalities. Your cat might be an attentive mouser or lounging lap cat, curious or shy, gregarious or quiet – or depending on the day, perhaps all of the above. Choosing to make a cat part of your family can be rewarding for all parties involved!


Birds aren’t just beautiful – they are curious, enjoy learning tricks, and may readily bond with their people. While they are not the most common of pets, as any bird owner will tell you, they are underrated as companions! Keeping a bird is truly a lifelong commitment – it is not uncommon for certain long-lived birds to outlive their owners! But young or old it is rare you will find a more colorful (or on occasion, chattier) friend.


Did you know fish are the most popular pet in the United States? Fish – along with crabs, shrimp and other underwater critters – help create a unique and colorful ecosystem in your home. And they are proven stress relievers. Maintaining an aquarium is a commitment, and can require more responsibility than you expect at first, but keeping a healthy aquatic “world” in your home is not just good for your pets, it’s good for you, too!


Dog and cat owners are sometimes surprised to find that people interested in snakes, toads, turtles, and lizards are just as enthusiastic about their creeping, slithering, and burrowing pets as any other pet owner! Reptiles and amphibians are unique pets that can be a blessing for people with fur allergies. While the initial purchase price of an amphibian and reptile is often low, properly caring for them can be a more expensive responsibility, as they have special dietary and environmental needs, but over all, they are low-maintenance and can make amazing pets!

Small Animals

The hamster, the rat, the chinchilla, and many other smaller animals are kept as pets. Often considered “starter pets” for children, due to their small size and uncomplicated care, housing, and dietary requirements. While soft and fuzzy, they may bite if not handled carefully, and their small size can belie the big responsibility of caring for them. Nevertheless, a “pocket pet” makes for an entertaining – and adorable – companion who can live with you for up to decades!

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