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African Dwarf Frog



African dwarf frogs are peaceful, relatively low-maintenance, and active aquarium dwellers. Because of these traits (as well as a certain undeniable "cute factor," these amphibians have become quite popular, especially with beginners. They are social creatures, that should be kept in groups (with a minimum of at least 1 gallon per frog). While they are easy to care for compared to many other amphibians, make sure to remember the following considerations: the tank needs to be secure so they cannot escape, no deeper than 24", and without strong currents. Also, be sure to provide them with hiding spaces, and don't forget that they are amphibians -- your African dwarf frog needs enough room to surface in order to breathe! There are numerous live, frozen/freeze-dried and pelleted foods your frogs can survive on, though as with all aquarium pets, care must be taken not to overfeed. With proper care, they can live up to about 5 years.


Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Family - Amphibian
Order - Anura
Family - Pipidae
Genus - Hymenochirus


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