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Crested Gecko



From the New Caledonian islands near Australia, these crested geckos (Correphalus ciliatus, formerly Rhacodactylus cilitaus) were thought to be extinct until 1994, but they are common in captivity and have adapted readily to captive care. They are excellent first choices for a beginning herper. Cresteds are omnivores and must be kept at lower temperatures than many other reptile species, as New Caledonia has a very stable tropical climate. A range of 72-78 degrees is preferred. They are relatively easy to handle and require moderate caging systems. They do need climbing accommodation, though, so the caging should be tall, and should include hiding places. They also come in a beautiful variety of colors and patterns. Red, orange, yellow, cream, charcoal, brown, grey, tan, and olive green can all be found. Patterns include bi-color, tiger-banded, spotted, fire-striped, pinstriped, Dalmatian, harlequin and patternless. Captive life span runs 10-15 years, but they can live longer. Care should be taken in handling, as roughness may cause them to drop their tails. While it does not affect their overall health, cresteds do not regenerate, or re-grow, dropped tails. They can share habitat, but cages should only house one male. Other New Caledonian gecko species are also quite popular as pets.

Crested and gargoyle gecko care and breeding


Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Reptilia
Order - Squamata
Family - Diplodactylidae
Genus - Correlophus
Species - Correlophus ciliatus


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