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Scottish Terrier  


This iconic member of the Terrier Group was introduced to America in the 1890’s and has remained a popular pet ever since. Three presidents have owned Scotties while in office, adding to their notoriety. Their long-nosed profile, shaggy “skirt”, erect ears, and engaging countenance make them very recognizable. Like most terriers, they were originally bred to put vermin to the chase and they retain the keen intellect and vivacity this role required. They are affectionate, playful companions suitable for city living as long as they have outlets for their terrier proclivities. Their dense, wiry coats require regular brushing and clipping to maintain the distinctive Scottie aesthetic and keep tangles away.

Scottish Terrier Club of America  


Data & Facts

Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Mammalia
Order - Carnivora
Family - Canidae
Genus - Canis
Species - Canis Lupus
Subspecies - Canis Lupus Familiaris
Breed - Scottish Terrier



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